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bulletMarti STL Receiver Ours is a 948.5 MHz. Here is the data sheet Download PDF

Marti SR 20M
bulletThe above is connected at the AM tower site via an ISOCOUPLER

These next two pictures are of the ISOCOUPLER mentioned above. Click the picture to see a better view. The wire comes down the main antenna from the STL receiving antenna. It is connected to the ISOCOUPLER and the ISOCOUPLER is connected to the receiver inside the building. In the event of a lightning hit the ISOCOUPLER isolates the receiver like a fuse. At least that's the theory. 

Another view of the ISOCOUPLER. Click the picture to see a better view.


Here are the two insulators that can be used to hold the ISOCOUPLER off the AM tower.


bulletThe Studio end is a Marti Transmitter tuned to 948.5 MHz Download PDF Marti STL 20M



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